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School Programs

60 minutes
$5 per student

No travel fees!
Minimum 20 students

Aligned with the NC Essential Standards,

available for all audiences


Ancient Engineers

Discover the historic timeline of the first Eastern NC scientists and examine actual artifacts from our region to explore ancient inventions and discoveries. Conduct a simulation to explore trade, make your own clay invention to take home, and play a fun game to see how Native Americans had FUN!


Astronomy Adventures

View constellations right in the classroom and hear stories about them from all over the world. Explore how Earth, the sun, and the moon work together to create shadows and eclipses. See how Earth’s position and movement create day, night, and seasons.

Move like the moon to model phases. 

Body Works

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. Heart, lungs, muscles, and stomach! Explore major systems of the human body. Examine anatomical models, experiment with genetic traits,

and discover how you are uniquely YOU!


Dynamic Dinosaurs

Discover the characteristics of dinosaurs, make a human timeline to see when dinosaurs roamed Earth, and explore dinosaur diets. Put together a dinosaur like a paleontologist and play a fun game to learn about extinction.

It's Electric! (and Magnetic!)

Use the scientific method to test object  magnetism and perform a "magic trick" to see how invisible electrons move. Participate in a "magic show" to see and feel static electricity. Create an electrical circuit to examine conductors and insulators. Make a human circuit!


Move It!

Discover Newton's Laws with toys! Experiment with push and pull. Compare how gravity, friction, and changes in mass affect motion. Conduct a balance experiment, design a marble maze, and blast off with a balloon rocket challenge!

Rocks Rock!

Identify minerals using characteristic properties such as color, hardness, streak, and magnetism. Analyze sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks up close. Compare soil samples from eastern NC ecosystems to discover the valuable role rocks and minerals play in natural systems. Explore the rock cycle with a fun candy experiment!  


Storm Chasers

Conduct a temperature experiment to practice using scientific tools and making predictions. Explore evaporation, condensation, and precipitation with fun, hands-on activities. Discover what causes wind and make a tornado in a bottle!

Wildlife Wonders

Ecosystems and habitats! Make a food web, examine animal diets, and move like animals. Discover the wonders of life cycles and explore plant and animal adaptations.

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